Content Marketing in 4 SEO Filled Steps

Content marketingWhen you try to focus on search engine optimization alone, you sometimes miss the fun that can be had utilizing several different elements. One thing that you can do in order to placate the penalties that you’re getting from lackluster optimization cycles, is to consider content marketing instead of straight forward seo. In fact, this may very well change the way you see the acronym and marketing as a whole. There are 4 strategies that come to mind when you’re looking at this banner, and it could shock you in a lot of different ways. Consider the following solutions that are going to completely showcase the real way to use content as your backbone for optimization moving forward. You just have to consider this instead of focusing on just one section. Follow the steps and see what you can do with your traffic generation components.

Step 1 – Create Articles

No matter how you do it, you need to do it. Articles don’t have to be formal, they don’t require journalistic integrity, they just need to be written with the proper protocol of the latest seo techniques. You can do this, or you can hire someone to do it for you. The key is to look into this very closely and ensure that you’re able to move forward with relative ease. If you do not move forward with the creation of this content, you will not be able to reach the masses in the fashion that you’d like. For that reason, make sure that you are looking at getting a writer or focusing on writing essays and then breaking them up for contextual manner.

Step 2 – Post The Articles Somewhere

internal linkingThe second step is to look for places to put these writings. You can do it through directories, or you could put them on your site individually. The key is to look for locales that will house them and then point back to your main website. If you’re not keen on working with outside directories, then put them on your blog and use them as strategic postings for internal linking, promotion and more. You’ll find that you need to add these to your blog or updated site to gain leverage over time.

Step 3 – Promote The Articles

You want your page indexed, but you also need your articles indexed as well. With those in place, you will be able to gain leverage in no time. If people hit your links, they will assume you’re an authority on the subject matter, and that alone will give you enough merit to move forward with relative ease. Do not underestimate the power that you can gain from good writing options. The more you move forward with this, the better off you’ll be gaining leverage with traffic and more.

Step 4 – Work on Your Existing Pages Content

Here is the key that ties everything together, and it’s a matter of seo as well. Make sure that your existing pages get content that gives the end user a good sense of what you’re doing. Making sure that the content that you’re creating on your main pages have been filled out and are pointed to the right type of work is going to help you in the long term. Do not miss this opportunity. Some people don’t work on their home pages because they are working on other things, but that’s not a good way to move forward.