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Newport Gwent Dragons

Newport Gwent Dragons (in Welsh Dreigiau Gwent Casnewydd) is a regional franchise Rugby Welsh participating in the Pro12 , the Anglo-Welsh Cup and the European Cup / European Challenge.

The team was created in 2003 when the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) took the controversial decision to restrict the upper level of Welsh professional rugby from nine clubs in five regional selections in an attempt to copy successful models of Ireland and the three nations of the southern hemisphere : the New Zealand , the Australia and South Africa . Since the demise of the Celtic Warriors in 2004 , the Welsh regional rugby has only four teams.

Newport Gwent Dragons officially represent the southeastern Wales and fighting all their official games Rodney Parade in the city of Newport , but friendlies pre-season could also play in other areas of the region as those clubs Pontypool RFC , Abertillery RFC or Newbridge RFC .

With the creation of the team, the staff was built from those clubs Newport RFC and Ebbw Vale RFC and the Dragons were considered one of the weakest Welsh regional teams, even if their coach Mike Ruddock was however ranked among the best. This served them in some way because they were less disturbed than other clubs in the absence of their best players during the World Cup 2003. They classified him as the 3rd Celtic League , performance sufficiently impressed the leaders of the Welsh Rugby Union to offer the vacancy Ruddock coach of Wales in the summer of 2004 .

For their second season, they finished 4th in the Celtic League and participated in the Heineken Cup .

The choice of the name of the team poses considerable problems, given that, unlike franchises from one club like Cardiff Blues or Llanelli Scarlets , Newport Gwent Dragons were supposed to represent a new regional entity a region of Gwent. Part of Welsh rugby in Newport considered that including the name of the franchise lead to alienate some fans of surrounding valleys including those of history club ‘of Ebbw Vale RFC . Several names were proposed but all were rejected. It was finally the WRU itself gave the name of the franchise: the Gwent Dragons. This name does not even lived up to the beginning of the season. The club Ebbw Vale passed very close to bankruptcy and was forced to sell his share of the franchise club Newport . The name Newport was then added to the name of the franchise. In reality it is using the term Gwent that the team lost the most supporters. Attendances at matches Dragons revolve around 4,000 people, about half of those carried out by the club Newport before. Although disputes over the name of the franchise may seem exaggerated, rugby in South Wales is deeply divided into hundreds of historic clubs maintaining great rivalries.

Newport RFC

Newport Rugby Football Club is a club rugby Welsh based in the city of Newport , which operates in the Welsh Premier Division . His players are likely to be selected by the Newport Gwent Dragons , professional franchise with which the club should not be confused and fight the Celtic League and European Cup.

Newport is one of the biggest clubs in the Welsh rugby. Founded in 1874, it is one of eleven clubs who founded the Welsh Federation (WRU). On several occasions, the heroic, the team remains undefeated for long periods and a reputation of invincibility. He won the first championship in Wales in 1895 and recurrence in 1896. It was then the largest provider of international to the national team.

Newport is a must for teams on tour and is distinguished by being the first club team to break down the Springboks in South Africa in 1912. So the club inaugurated the tradition that South Africans offer head springbok any team that beat them during the tour, apart from test matches. The Australia (1957), the New Zealand (1963), the South Africa (1969), Tonga (1974), all fall into the hell of Rodney Parade.

Newport frequently wins the championship and the Cup twice, but no longer plays a leading role after 1970. Only a championship in 2004 attests to the successful transition to professionalism.

Since 2003, Newport RFC is no longer playing at the highest European level. Following the regional grouping of clubs within five business franchises operated by the Welsh federation, it provides its players with Newport Gwent Dragons , engaged in the European Cup and played in the semi-professional league in Wales .

Newport County Association Football Club

Newport County Association Football Club is a team of soccer Welsh , based in Newport , who plays in Football League Two (English D4). Despite the creation of a national championship in Wales in 1992 (wanted by UEFA), Newport County, like other Welsh teams playing in the championships English , preferred to remain in the English divisions.

Newport has a rich history. The club has spent more than 70 consecutive seasons in the English football league. The club has played in the Championship (D2) and played the 5th round of the FA Cup football . It was a quarter-finalist in the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1981.

At the end of the 2012-2013 season, the club Newport County accesses the npower League 2 (4th British Division) beating another Welsh club (Wrexham) in final.

Newport (Wales)

The city of Newport (Casnewydd in Welsh ) has the status of City. Newport has a cosmopolitan population of about 160,000 people spread over an area of 190 km 2. Newport is located in Wales South in the Gwent area, the river Wysg (Welsh) or Usk (English). The city is home to the ruins of the Roman fort of Caerleon. Its inhabitants are Newportoniens.

Newport has a campus of about 10,000 students. The city is famous for its bridges and its lively nightlife. She became very successful with lots of upgrades and a high employment rate, especially in the electronics industry technology. Newport has an industrial past, particularly involving the manufacture of steel.

Newport is also known for his teams Rugby : Newport Gwent Dragons , a franchise based in Gwent , playing in Celtic League and Newport RFC , the team of the city evolves Welsh Premier Division .

The top team of soccer of Newport Newport County AFC . They previously played at a high level in the professional English league football for many years, and reached the quarter final of the European Cup Winners’ Cup , before they made ??bankrupt in 1989 . They now play in the League Conference South , trying to work their way in support of league football.

Newport hosted the Ryder Cup in 2010.

Newport (Gwent)

Newport ( Welsh : Casnewydd) is a port city on the River Usk near the Bristol Channel in South Wales , United Kingdom . Newport is located approximately 19 km east of Cardiff and is the largest city of the historic counties of Gwent and Monmouthshire . It is the third largest city of Wales and one of the 22 principal areas of Wales. The English name of the city literally means New Haven, the New Welsh castle. Newport has the status of a City.

In the 75 years was associated with today in Newport Caerleon, a Roman, about 3 kilometers upstream, legion camp erected. The cathedral is St. Woolos since 9 Century detectable.

The city has grown from a settlement built in the year 1090 Norman castle developed and was mentioned in 1126 for the first time. [2] In 1314 Newport was granted city rights. [3]

In the 19th Century South Wales was one of Britain’s most important industrial regions. Newport became the main port of the eastern valleys and grew into one of the largest towns in Wales. The city was a center of Chartist movement. In the year 1839 by John Frost led march on the Westgate Hotel became the starting of an armed uprising.

In 1899 the UK was in Newport miners’ union founded.

The Tredegar House from the 17th Century to the culturally and historically important residences in Britain counted. Until 1951 it was the seat of the powerful Welsh Morgan family.

Another attraction is the cathedral of the Anglican Church of St. Woolos Cathedral, this item was in 1949. The first church on the site was built around the year 500 and the 11th Century destroyed. It was under the rule of the Normans and rebuilt in the 17th Century destroyed again. The last reconstruction took place in the 19th and 20 Century.

Newport is home to the largest surviving Transporter Bridge , the Transporter Bridge from 1906. She was decommissioned from 2007 to 2010 for renovation purposes.

The 2010 Ryder Cup was held in Newport.

While Newport has long been characterized by shipbuilding, coal handling and iron, steel, and rubber industry, now dominated trade and administration. In particular, Newport is home to a large part of the management of the ’ UK Passport Office ‘, the’ UK Office for National Statistics ‘and the British Patent Office.

Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge was a battle during World War II. It started in mid-December 1944 and was the last German offensive on the Western Front during the war. The German army was planning to drive a wedge into the Allied front, and then turn north and capture Antwerp and thus share the Allied armies in two. Hitler had hoped that this would force the Allies to negotiate a peace treaty in the Axis powers favor.

The Germans called the plan “Wacht am Rhein” in an attempt to lure the Allies into believing that it was a defensive plan. In English speaking countries, the battle known as the “Battle of the bulge”, as the German advance led to the front line appeared as a “bul” on the map. The Germans began the offensive on 16 December 1944, and only 8 January 1945 they realized that the battle was lost and began the retreat.

This offensive was unsuccessful for the Germans, even though it tied up a lot of resources on the Allied side. The allies were also slow to react to the German attack, which delayed the Allied timetable for several months. The Allies were on the other hand, the ability to go into battle, and fight, the best German units outside the West Wall (”West Mound”), the German defenses on the border with France, Belgium and Luxembourg. This helped to ease the recent fighting in Germany.


Chad (French: Tchad, Arabic: ????, Tsada or T?š?d, officially the Republic of Chad, the French République to Chad, in Arabic ??????? ????, Jumh?riyya Tsada or Jumh?riyyati T?š?d) is a landlocked country in Central Africa. It borders Libya to the north, Sudan to the east, Central African Republic to the south, Cameroon and Nigeria to the southwest, and Niger to the west. The northern part of Chad is located in the Sahara desert. Chad is divided into three major geographical regions: a desert zone in the north, a dry Sahel belt in the middle and a more fertile savannah in the south. The country is named after Lake Chad, which is the largest wetland in Chad and the second largest in Africa. Chad’s highest peak is Emi Koussi in the Sahara, and the largest city is the capital N’Djamena. Chad is inhabited by over 200 different ethnic and linguistic groups. The official languages are French and Arabic. Islam is the most widespread religion in the country.

At the beginning of the seventh millennium BC moved large groups of people into the Chad-sinking. At the end of the first millennium BC came and dropped a series of states and empires in the Chadian Sahel belt, which were all set to control the transsahariske trade routes that passed through the region. France conquered the area in 1920 and incorporated it in French Equatorial Africa. Under the leadership of François Tombalbaye Chad became independent in 1960. His policy caused discontent in the Muslim north of the country, culminating in the onset of a protracted civil war in 1965. In 1979 the rebels conquered the capital and ended the hegemony of the south. The rebel officers, however, fought among themselves until the Angry Habra defeated their rivals. He was overthrown in 1990 by his general Idriss Deby. In recent years, the Darfur conflict spread across the border from Sudan and destabilized the country.

There are many active political parties in Chad, but the power remains firmly in the hands of President Deby and his party Mouvement patriotique du Salut. Chad is still affected by politically motivated violence and constant attempts at coups. It is one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in Africa. Most Chadians live in poverty and engaged in agriculture and livestock for their own use. The traditional cotton industry was the country’s leading source of export earnings until 2003, when crude oil took over.

The attack on Pearl Harbor

The attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese attack on the U.S. Naval Base Pearl Harbor, on Sunday 7 December 1941. The attack was carried out by aircraft and submersibles from the Japanese navy, commanded by Vice Admiral Nagumo Chuichi, although Japan had declared war against the United States. The attack was directed against the U.S. Pacific Fleet and its aircraft and naval infantry forces on the island. The American public saw the attack as a treacherous act, and the condemnation of Japan brought the United States into World War II.

The attack damaged or destroyed 21 American warships, 188 aircraft and killed 2,335 American soldiers and 68 civilians. Pacific Fleet’s three aircraft carriers were not in port and was undamaged. Pearl Harbors important oil depot, yard and workshops were not damaged, and these resources were important when the United States a half after the attack went on the offensive against Japan, which was crucial for the further course of 2 World War II.

Afghanistan’s history

Afghanistan’s history, internal political developments, relations with foreign countries, existence as an independent state have largely been determined by the country’s geographical location in the cross point of the central, west and south Asia. Through the centuries, waves of people wandered through the region, described by historian Arnold Toynbee as a “roundabout of the ancient world,” and leaving a puzzle of ethnic and linguistic groups. In modern times, as in antiquity, great armies passed through this region of Asia, for a short period of time established local control and often dominated Iran and northern India.

Although it was the scene of great empires and flourishing trade for over 2000 years, the area’s different groups has not been bound into a single political entity before the Board of Ahmed Shah Durrani, who in 1747 founded the monarchy that ruled the country until 1973. In the 19th century was in Afghanistan between the expanding empires of Russia and the United Kingdom. In 1900 Abdur Rahman Khan (“Jernemiren”) looks back on his 20-year rule and the events of the previous century and wonder how his country was “like a goat between these lions (UK and Russia) or as a hveteaks between two strong millstones in the mill, (could) be in the middle of the stones without being ground into dust? “

Islam also played a key role in the founding of Afghanistan’s history. Despite the Mongol invasion of what today is Afghanistan in the 13th century has been described to look like “more of a violent catastrophe of the blind forces of nature than a phenomenon of human history,” was not such a formidable warrior Genghis Khan uproot Islamic civilization uprooted, and within two generations, his descendants have been Muslims. A little recognized event that nevertheless played an important role in Afghanistan’s history was the emergence of a strong Sunni dynasty Ghaznavid. Their power prevented the eastern spread of the Shiite-direction and thus insured that the majority of Muslims in Afghanistan and South Asia were Sunni Muslims.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great (Greek: ????? ??????????, Megas Alexandros; born on 20 July 356 BC, died 10 June 323 BC), more formally Alexander III of Macedon (Greek: ?????????? ? ? ???????, Alexandros III ho Makedon), king of ancient Macedonia. After his father Philip II of Macedon had united the divided and war-torn states of Greece, Alexander conquered Persia, Egypt and several other kingdoms, until the borders of India. Conquests and the spread of Greek culture and the mixture of Greek culture with more Eastern culture, led to the Hellenic period of several continents. After twelve years of constant military campaigning, Alexander died, probably of malaria or typhoid fever. Alexander himself lived on in history and myth of both Greek and non-Greek peoples. Already in his lifetime, and especially after his death, his exploits inspired a literary tradition in which he appears as a towering legendary hero in the story of Achilles.